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Bamboo Flute a sharp base

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Divya Vadya Bamboo Bansuri is a professional Bamboo flute A sharp base scale Flute for beginners.


– Bansuri Scale – A Sharp Base
– Keynote – F Sharp
– Bansuri – 7 Finger Holes
– Bansuri Mouthpiece: Transverse (side blowing)
– Bansuri Flute Length: 21  inches Approximate
– Bansuri Flute Diameter: 0.8 Inches Approximate
– Indian A Sharp Base scale – Black 5
– Europe A Sharp Base scale – La diese

– Buy Top rated, best quality, professional level Bamboo Bansuri on sale at affordable, low-cost price tag for Flute learning students. Handmade, tuned and tested by experienced Flautist artisans, tested again for sound quality, pitch, key note by Divya Music school faculty / Flutists before dispatch.

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– 7 holes transverse Bamboo flute A sharp base scale woodwind bamboo flute Bansuri with low frequency & complex tone.

– Handcrafted concert quality Bansuri Flute, made from a single piece of finest Bamboo (Cane) seasoned for years.

– Tuned by professional flutist for Bamboo flute A sharp base scale and F sharp key note (Key may vary half step up or down).

– Indian F sharp key note when upper 3 holes covered & western F sharp key note when all six holes covered.

– Professionally tuned, tested & approved on all parameters by Divya Music school faculty flute teachers / flutists.



North Indian Hindustani classical music Bamboo flute A sharp base Bamboo Flute Bansuri also known as white 5 Bansuri, European La diese or popularly called Murali instrument in India (associated with Krishna) is a professional level flute best recommended for beginners to intermediate level Bansuri students is a medium long size seven holes Bansuri.


The professional transverse base hand crafted Indian bamboo Flute Bansuri has a mouthpiece which is played in a similar way as the western transverse Flute and is made to be played by LARGER SIZED HANDS. Please note that the longer the size of the flute, the wider are the required finger span for playing and the people with smaller hands will not be able to reach all of the finger holes. The alternate smaller size bansuri for the beginners with smaller hand are F sharp (approximately 19 inches / 49cms) & A Sharp bass (approximately 23 inches / 58cms) flutes.


With theBamboo flute A sharp base7 hole Bansuri it is Indian E scale tuning pitch when the upper three holes are covered by fingers is the Indian A Sharp scale and has the western key note of A Sharp when all six holes are covered. The dominate hand fingers plays the lower three holes, the seventh hole is optional and is used or played rarely. Its purpose is to produce and play greater accuracy in the upper octaves only, although it may be played on the rare occasion when a Bansuri player or the Flutist wants to play the ‘Ni’ note in the lower octave.


The standard quality transverse Indian bamboo flutes or bansuris by Divya Vadya produces a beautiful soothing sound of low frequency and complex tone which is warm, sweet and seamless. Divya Vadya professional quality Bansuri flutes are known for excellent sound quality for learning and playing Indian classical music on Bansuri, Flute concerts, performances by flutists and regular Bansuri players – Guru, teachers, trainers & instructors, Flute studio recording, professional orchestral playing & for vivid enriching musical effects.



Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to North America: USA / Canada – USD 141.90 / Equivalent*

Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to Oceania: Australia / New Zealand – AUD 197.70 / Equivalent*

Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to Europe & UK: All Countries in Europe- Euro 115.80 / Equivalent*

Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to Asia: All Countries in Asia- INR 8700.00 / Equivalent*

Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to Africa: All Countries in Africa- INR 9600.00 / Equivalent*

Bansuri Flute + Carry Bag Including Shipping to All Countries in South America- INR 9950.00 / Equivalent*

*Approximate Cost. Total Final cost may vary according to the actual shipping costs.



  1. The source material of Bansuri, the Bamboo is A Sharp product so the colour of each Bansuri, the dimensions and the playing holes are always slightly different for every Bamboo flute Bansuri. The, colour, number and positioning of the threads may vary. Divya Vadya Bansuri are new and unused with beautiful professional finishing but due to being A sharp wood product which may show occasional superficial blemishes on the surface including, minor blisters in the finish, small scratches, small dents or stains or few discolorations which are all natural.
  2. Bansuri flutes are made differently for Left hand using people and the right hand using people, the standard flutes are for right hand using people. Please specify if you need a left hand use Bansuri.
  3. Bansuri are of different sizes according to the different scales and key note pitch and the longer the size of the flute, the wider are the required finger span and the people with smaller hands will not be able to reach and play all of the finger holes on the large size flutes. Please specify if you have smaller hands so alternative scales and Bansuri size can be advised.


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